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our Story

We aim to provide service to those who wish to take care of their home, property, and business and provide a more aesthetically pleasing look than what is usually offered, at a comparable price.

Clean lines and striped lawns have drawn the attention of

Jon Hart, Ballpark Lawns LLC's founder, as long as he can remember. From the time he started playing baseball, he learned to appreciate the difference between grass that was cared for and grass that was not. 

After working for Harford CC over the course of nine years at the Harford Sports Complex and as an assistant coach on the Baseball team for five years, a new appreciation for the quality of grass and lawncare was born.

The struggle of keeping grass alive in MD is tough, but high traffic sports fields with thousands of games were a true learning experience. Now, a high traffic backyard does not seem anywhere near as stressful to repair. Let our experiences help yours!